Our CBD Distillation Facility

White-DeCoste produces consistently high-quality CBD distillate by utilizing cutting edge equipment in a custom-designed facility. Learn more about our equipment and facility below!


Pure Path 100 Wipe Film Distillation Machines

Pure Path 100 Wipe Film Distillation Machines
Our two Pure Path distillation units are currently operational 24 hours per day, 5 days per week. At this rate, we have a maximum output yield of 40-100 kilograms of pure, finished distillate per week.

KD-30 Wipe Film Distillation Machine

KD-30 Wipe Film Distillation Machine
Recently, we commissioned our KD-30 wipe film distillation machine, dramatically increasing our operating capacity and overall efficiency. This machine is able to process 10-20 kilograms of finished, full-spectrum distillate per hour. We offer packaging in 1 kilogram up to 350-kilogram containers, depending on your needs.


Toll Processing

White-DeCoste also offers toll processing to test and refine your crude oil into distillate.

Our collaborative efforts and relationships with other local businesses allow us to control over feedstock sourcing, and full, vertical, collaborative integration all the way to your desired finished product.

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